In June, I completed my 4th annual 24 Hour Comic Challenge, and I recorded a quick podcast episode on my way home.  That's right -- hear my fatigue fueled rant about comics, creativity, and more!  It's short, sweet, and a little sleepy!

In this episode of the Drawn to Comics Podcast, Ken and I return to downtown Glendale's Bitz-ee Mama's for breakfast, and we talk about how university football helps comic cons.  What?!  Yes, it's a demographic study of the comic con as you've never heard it before . . . mostly because we have bacon in our mouths.

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I've been recording podcasts with Drawn to Comics' Ken Brown this year, usually aired on the Geek News Network, and for this special episode Ken and I had breakfast at Bitz-ee Mama's in downtown Glendale.  I learned Ken loves bacon.  A LOT.  We talk comics, too -- but mostly bacon.

This episode of Stuck In Traffic -- the podcast I record through gritted teeth while I'm stuck in traffic -- discusses ambient noise from others' and your own car radio.  Sometimes, the enemy comes from within.  Listen, learn, and adapt to the road, because it's getting louder everyday!

Stuck In Traffic returns with a reminder of what traffic really is -- then, the inevitable topic: pedestrians.  Do they ALWAYS have the right of way, even when the right of way ISN'T right?  Listen . . . and learn!

It's Jack Kirby's 100th birthday!  I celebrate by talking about this weekend's events around town, then I share a story I told about Jack and the recently passed Jay Thomas at Untidy Secrets Storytelling & Zine Swap.  The podcast closes with my recent interview on KJZZ, Phoenix's NPR affiliate, as I share a bit of Kirby's life and impact on comics.  

My completely spoiler-filled review of "Spider-man: Homecoming" is here!  What did the film get right?  How could it get anything wrong?  And what role does Spider-Man play in the creation of "Amazing Arizona Comics?"  The answers will SHOCK you -- pun totally intended!

I recorded this episode of Stuck In Traffic a few weeks ago, but it's still hot outside, and for some reason people still want to talk about it.  Here's my ten minute answer to every person that starts a conversation with, "Hot today, huh?"

In this long overdue episode of Amazing Arizona Comics Radio, I analyze my third annual 24 Hour Comic Challenge.  What made it a success?  How can I make next year better?  Dig this insight into the creative process, and why I insist on making a public spectacle of myself!

Stuck In Traffic is the podcast I record through gritted teeth while stuck in traffic.  This week, I talk about roadside assistance.  I needed roadside assistance recently, and at some point in your life, you will, too.  Here's what you can do to make the experience as painless as possible.  Listen, learn, and avoid traffic.

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